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San Francisco’s Talkie Learn to Swim on ‘Fuzzy Disco’

San Francisco's indie 4-piece, Talkie, find happiness on their visual for their nu-disco track "Fuzzy Disco."

Cutting teeth against reality will either age or mature the mindset, whereas one will lead to nothing learned. For San Francisco quartet, Talkie, they have chosen the latter and allude the thought process with a lighthearted approach on their visual for their nu-disco track, “Fuzzy Disco.” Taken off their 2018 album, Fundamental Things, the lead single’s renewed dance characteristics absorb the best of the West Coast, and throes of life, resulting in an ultimate sense of happiness that walks in sight and sound.

Eric Martin, Christopher Issacs, and Bradly and Matthew Hagmann break away from the clamor of a busy lifestyle to a simplistic innocence that is strewn everywhere, if sought after, throughout the Golden Coast. BobbyD&Boyclothes Creative Imaging takes the rein on direction and streamlines the band’s playful presentation, which is prevalent on their socials, against melodic musings. In addition of the happy-go-lucky charm that consumes the video’s entirety, there is a latent wisdom that remains afterwards.

Opening with the submergence of the members against a deadly addicting drum and bass groove, dynamic vocals breathe into the penned lines: “Take your time, take it from me / It ain’t yours, and nothing comes free.” Reiterating a battle within and the freedom of letting go, the continual pool shots provide an added depth to buoyant melodies, and the sink or swim imagery.

Liberating with scenic shots, such as S.F.’s Sutro Baths to a day immersed in nature, the track’s narrative changes as the final nod of learning to swim is shown. The track’s heart-melting soundscape, consisting of pop trimmings, surf guitar riffs, and a disco styled falsetto, cultivate the ambiance of working with time. Whether drowning, intentionally or not, there always seems to be a way out based on perspective. Don’t take life too seriously and learn to live —  not survive — and dance to the beat of your own fuzzy disco.


The indie and funk fusion is a perfect backdrop night or day and continues the relatable themes of adulthood that can be heard on Fundamental Things.

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