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Heavy Heart Dive into Reverb, Love and Obsession on ‘Bed Bug’

London's Heavy Heart release their grungegaze driven track "Bed Bug," and peel back the layers of love and obsession.

Growing from a bedroom project out of a flat in South London into a heavy cultivation of disgruntled reverb, U.K. alt-rockers share a heart clenching new track for 2019, “Bed Bug.” One of the first of three tracks mixed and co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes, Soccer Mommy), the track’s direction swiftly sways from the early musings of dream-pop and into a sustained slice of alternative rock. Touching on distressing elements of love, alluding with masochist lyrics to boot, the track’s playfully, darker shade of lust hits the spot through numerous repeats.

“’Bed Bug’ is a nocturnal love song exploring obsession and lethargy, sex, blood and dirty sheets. It’s about staying in bed all day and staying awake all night, feeling your skin crawl and your nerves itch. It’s also about the beauty and agony of loving someone to the point of self-destruction; picking the wounds open again just to feel the way it felt the first time,” explains the band on the track.

Heavy guitars are layered but softened by frontwoman Anna Vincent’s crystalline vocals. Instantly pulling a listener through peaks of a washed out chime, the bittersweet tune wistfully develops throughout the four minutes. A calm and collective demeanor seeps from Vincent, despite an unrested longing: “Take off all my things, watch me shed my skin / Burn me with your eyes love / I just smile, it’s cool, taste the blood on you / Even after all this time.”


What may seem as a simple arrangement “Bed Bug” embellishes the core mood of each layer. Hidden in the twilight of fuller effects, synths shine sweetly from verse to chorus. The momentary break of a signature hazy sound we’ve heard from the band on previous releases, takes a notch into ache and finds the perfect resolution of grungegaze. With a sharper and fuller composition heard this time around, there’s sure to be more delicious releases from the band this year.

Cover photo: Chiara Ceccaioni


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