Jealous of the Birds ‘Blue Eyes’

Jealous of the Birds charges into flirtatious peepers on her latest track and accompanying idiosyncratic video of desire, "Blue Eyes."

There’s something about a good pair of eyes that can throw you into a whirlwind of seductive thoughts. Ireland’s Jealous of the Birds charges into these flirtatious peepers on her latest track and accompanying idiosyncratic video of desire, “Blue Eyes.” Naomi Hamilton, better known as Jealous of the Birds, is the finishing touch on Joey Brodnax’s direction and crafts a liberating performance of allurement. Taken off her forthcoming EP, Wisdom Teeth, set to be released February 1st on Canvasback Music (US) and Hand in Hive (UK and Europe), the momentum of “Blue Eyes” manages to fuel any lackadaisical viewer.

Shot throughout Dublin, the video’s charge is simple and raw. An assertive handheld direction implements the intimacy and adrenaline through various shots as Hamilton takes lead and consumes each scene. “Our main intention with this project was pretty simple,” says Brodnax. “We just wanted to create something that’s crazy fun to watch. There is something strangely beautiful in the recognition and embracing of absurdity. It gives way to this underlying state of vulnerability on camera that Naomi completely understood and thrived in.”


Hamilton further explains, “It was probably one of the most fun and random shoots I’ve ever been a part of. Joey’s ideas and artistic direction really captured the wacky sense of humour, energy and playfulness that I felt would complement the song. It’s full of visual non-sequiturs, bold primary colours and heaps of attitude.”

The song itself is chopped of alternative rock and vivacious pop vocal melodies that are playfully inviting come the chorus. Despite the heavy bass lines and yearning nature of the track, the video balances the excited state of mind to almost the carefree plight of children. If you’re not completely enthralled by another’s pair of eyes, this song will push you to start staring.

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