Waves of Dread Furnish Dream Noise on ‘Lay’

U.K.'s Waves of Dread reflect and release on their dream-noise video "Lay." Taken off their debut EP released late 2018.

Drenched in reverb and heavy assortments of grunge that emerged prominently from the 90s, Waves of Dread synthesize this sound with a melodic dollop of dream pop for a bittersweet longing, organically portrayed on their video “Lay.” The trio — Nick JH, Robert Anthony and Jakko — who hail from the outskirts of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K., specifically Heaton, take cues from various shoegaze outfits and amp the dreamy factor.  Taken from their debut EP, released towards the end of 2018, “Lay” is a time capsule for blissful revisitation and mature acceptance.

Shot in Barcelona by frontman Nick JH, “Lay” represents a joyous reflection while merging with the realization of loss. JH further explains of the track’s multidimensional meaning: “Barcelona is a city I hold close to my heart. I’ve been lucky in recent years to share some truly wonderful times there with people I love. It’s unfortunate that these memories can become tainted. However, my yearning to return to the place I consider my second home will always be strong. I will continue to make memories there. ‘Lay’ is my love song to the city.”


Edited and crafted by Leo Astudillo, “Lay” comes together in a charming harmony of time. The opening seconds are whisked mildly on a guitar before the distorted weight consumes the track. Typical arrangements are given a bit more bite with what can only be described as dream noise penned from a tender mind. The video’s monochrome scheme and mirrored editing furnishes a youthful lense flipping through various stills. Demure, raw and personal, “Lay” is a heartwarming act that speaks louder across what was left unsaid.


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