Dermot Kennedy ‘For Island Fires and Family’

Dermot Kennedy captures an important aspect and residue of time on his latest video "For Island Fires and Family."

As any human knows, it is what people carry with them and bring to others that we remember as the years pass. Be it through memories, a stirring scent, or a deep set of freeing eyes, the result eventually carry the person. Dermot Kennedy captures an important aspect and residue of time on his latest video “For Island Fires and Family.” The older track is seeing a polished visual reemergence, capturing newer listeners through an unreserved poignancy and raw, evolutionary tone.

The Dublin-based artist mesmerizes once more through poetically structured verses batting at the seams of sharp symbolism. Immeasurable elements are bled from the same vein as “Glory” and “Moments Passed“, key tracks that sparked Kennedy’s steady growth. Regardless of the track’s initial birth, the video’s visceral undertones give the aging track a reintroduction to life.

Kennedy’s rugged and hoarse vocals break a wounded mindset and awakens a signature retrospection that Kennedy does so well: “So wouldn’t you let me know if you were thinking less of me? / That’s what she asked me what was promised what we both agreed / But truthfully if you ever go, you’ll drop me straight to Hell’s 7th circle.”

Scenic shots tug on Kennedy’s emotional ties as the slow burner transports a viewer to Inis Mór. Soulfully layered and reflecting a contemporary R&B production, the unsung beauty of the track washes on shore and on to the screen.

“It’s been an important song to me for a long time and to make the video on Inis Mór was extremely special. It’s a really important place in my story and holds a lot of very precious memories,” states Kennedy.

The chilling performance meshed with Kennedy’s intellect — “And even though this life, this love is brief I’ve got some people who carry me” — speak to the rolodex of moments in time that we each store and carry.

Kennedy will be performing at his first Coachella Festival this year, following a sold out U.K. Tour, and making his U.S. T.V. debut on January 24th performing his hit single “Power Over Me” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Cover photo: Daniel King

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