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Light Wheel Seek ‘Answers’ on Latest Track and Album, Ahead of SXSW Showcase

Taken off their fresh album, 'See Through,' the Austin duo cultivate an evading soundscape that nudges mechanized, airy waves. 

Beaming with cinematic extensions, indie-electronic duo, Light Wheel, release an ode to the foresight that comes with time on their single “Answers.” Taken off their fresh album, See Through, the Austin duo cultivate an evading soundscape that nudges mechanized, airy waves. Comprised of vocalist/songwriter Tyagaraja and producer Evan Dunivan, Light Wheel’s eluding offering is an optimistic tone for 2019.

“Mainly the song is to say that wisdom comes with experience, and we are never as wise until after we have succeeded through the conflict.  The song promotes self-determinism, and counting on the inner voice give understanding to which is the right path. There is a hint of political and social justice in the line, ‘pull strings and make me a dancer, full schemes we need to give them an answer,'” explains the band.


Fading into electronic filters buzzing with an uplifting glare, the first minute sees Tyagaraja’s delicate tone whisk on a pictorial production. Tangible instruments seep as the undertone of a heavy electronic slice, caressing vivid verses. Fanciful arrangements and equally dreamy breaks, tie each piece of questioning with a mystic flavor, ripe for fueling one’s intuition.

With beginnings three years ago, the fairly green Light Wheel has built a strong debut live at 2017’s Day for Night festival and now features drummer Ethan Yeager and bassist Michael Sanders for live performances. Catch them March 10th and 11th at this year’s SXSW.


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