Beckie Margaret Disarms and Revives on Frosty Visual, ‘New York’

Southend's Beckie Margaret sees denial, heartache, and freedom on her latest video and track "New York."

Heartbreak and the distress that comes with it falls into a line of beauty that makes it self known only after healed. The inevitable string of conclusions and leftover feelings rest into a self-inflicted baggage claim which Southend’s Beckie Margaret sees it all on her latest music video, “New York” via Cool Thing Records.

The icy and cinematic track dips into the denial, betrayal, pain, and the ultimate freedom that sprouts from the first steps of walking away. Directed by Andrew Delaney, “New York” takes a personal narrative and subjects it to every location, name, and story that a listener may already have and shines a cleansing, hopeful sheen upon the time.

“I’m so glad if my songs help others cope and telling my story/personal experiences is something that really gives me strength both musically and personally,” states Margaret. “‘New York’ was really painful to write and record, however, the painful expression of the song really became cathartic when I realised this awful thing I had been through then stood as it’s own physical existence in a song. There was something strangely satisfying about that.”


Expansive throughout its longevity and its orchestral straddle, Margaret guides her pain in grace. Opening lines speak to a refusal of loss, “I look for you in everyone else,” and the factual reality, “you ran off with an American girl.” Thick with grief, Margaret’s controlled tone fades into the heavy set keys and trembling pounds of percussion, becoming effortless on both parts.

Delaney isolates Margaret’s thoughts into projected scenes of the busy city that run rampage from verse to verse. A wounded shade colors each scene and quickly whisks away into an aquatic, celestial baptism, which gives Margaret the ultimate renewal and peace she ached to receive. Tapping into the velvet finesse of a heart-filled ballad, strewed with a folk heart, “New York” disarms and revives at the will of Margaret’s potency.


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