Nancy Sanchez ‘Mi Nueva Bici’

Nancy Sanchez takes a cheerful trip down a forgotten Christmas path that is filled with love and a new bike.

The Holidays stir up a galore of memories and for Los Angeles’ songstress, Nancy Sanchez, the nostalgic scent of childhood consumes her latest video “Mi Nueva Bici.” Carrying the same sentiments of her last album, American Novio (2017), Sanchez continues to bathe her tracks in her cultural halves and upbringing. Simply constructed around a digitized organ, playful keys are perfect for the season and bring a deeper appreciation of people and their love rather than materialistic gifts that will soon be forgotten.

Directed by Gustavo Cordova (Cordova Films), the video’s lighthearted nature sees Nancy crooning around an open letter to ol’ St. Nick, stating that she’s been good, and bad, but a new bike was promised. Panning towards sentimental ornaments and childhood pictures, the video takes cues of a greater love; memories from loved ones. As Nancy does in fact get her bike, the environment is what made it all special, noting her grandmother’s cooking and her parents. Cheerful and trimmed with the season’s spirit, “Mi Nueva Bici” is a gentle reminder that the arm that gives us the hugs, the hands that cook the meal, or the fingers that wrap that present, are far more valuable than the gifts.


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