Alice Phoebe Lou ‘Something Holy’

"Something Holy" develops into more than a desire to be seen with one's eyes, but through the mind, and all the imagining in between. First single from her forthcoming album, 'Paper Castles,' set to be released March 8th, 2019.

A kiss between dawn and twilight becomes the closest shade of organic beauty that represents Alice Phoebe Lou’s grace and duality. Springing to life a cozy sentiment, “Something Holy” not only acts as a gorgeous representation of love, but also the artist’s first single from her forthcoming album, Paper Castles, set to be released March 8th, 2019. Currently residing in Berlin, Lou’s continuation to stay independent propels her music to a threshold of freshness, creativity, and passion. “Something Holy” develops into more than a desire to be seen with one’s eyes, but through the mind, and all the imagining in between.

Lou’s Facebook post states: “With this song I hope to bring across a deep sense of comfort, cosiness, warmth and support. It’s about creating a new meaningful relationship with intimacy & my body, finding ways to love & be loved without pain or guilt and it’s dedicated to all the women that held me through this process & made me feel less alone while I navigated my traumas & the darkest parts of myself.”


The Manners Studio concept and direction snapshots unconditional love in all its form, whether romantic or platonic. Isolated imagery of Lou’s dreamy nature is brought to light through gentle and small moments. The first minute sees a cast of people hushed on the opening chords, and touch, of Lou’s sweet and savory croon. Surprisingly, Lou emerges from the stillness of the dramatic pan and drowns in the poetic penned verses of this adoration: “You were one with me already / all you had to do was see me / really see me / recognise the workings of my mind / and then touch me / like something holy.”

Lou writes from a rooted part, not visible or accessible to most, that almost seems effortless as she skids across each verse. The track is immersed in a jazzed-blues aroma with trickles of folk roots that stem from Lou’s storytelling abilities. Live performance shots that are construed through a vivid, and artistic nature lean the viewer to nod at Lou’s fantasizing.

Lush, thick and dreamy chords steer the video to the resting place of gratitude. Cropped shots of skin on skin contact liberate Lou’s earlier lines and visually marries the track’s melodies into a true sense of something holy.


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