Anja Kotar Digitizes a New Age Love Story on ‘Modern Galileo’

Anja Kotar blithely skids across a "new age love story" with an 8-bit soundscape on her latest video "Modern Galileo."

Perception is becoming murkier as technology advances, falling into the line of a newly adapted relationship that edits our own moves. Anja Kotar blithely skids across this notion with a digital soundscape to boot.  An 8-bit love story to the 1’s and 0’s comes alive on “Modern Galileo” leaving a residue of witty reflection. The 21-year old Slovenian singer-songwriter and San Jose transplant, mirrors the glitches to catchy electronic-pops, and a quirky visual for a futuristic nod of programming machines that seem to be growing within us.

“‘Modern Galileo’ is an ode to the age of technology. It explores a new age love story: one between the screen and us,” states Kotar. Within seconds of the video, we are introduced to familiar tones and chimes of a text message being created and sent. Kotar’s narrative spins of one who isn’t to be labeled as a “loser” building a wall “behind his suburban life,” as the programmed and synthesized soundtrack — to that of a video game — rile up each verse.

Kotar’s theatrical vocals compliment each line and a shimmer of exhaustion is propelled within the hook by Kotar. Cheerful and retro fusion of electro-pop masks the sentiments and tongue-in-cheek lines of the track. Almost sympathetic while carrying traits of concern, “Modern Galileo” digs deeper than its candy coating (“grew up in a town where money dictates your success“) creating a sense of introspection.

Sporting a velvet dress, inspired by traditional Orient clothing while shot in beautiful Chinatown, Kotar’s imagery paints a homage to the “father of observational astronomy” and his exploration of the universe, painting each scene as new. Whether it is coming out from behind the screen and looking at the world with a fresh pair of eyes, to the reasons why we hide behind the screen, the pop waves are delightful enough to provide a sense of relief.

Cover photo: Jani Ugrin

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