The Red Pears Capture Youth and Angst at The El Rey

El Monte trio, The Red Pears, brought out a timeless shine of youth and angst, Saturday night at The El Rey.

Captured youth and a blissful pocket of unrequited angst took center stage Saturday, October 27th, at The El Rey Theatre, as The Red Pears rightfully closed the night. The Spaceland and Goldenvoice presentation also featured Jurassic Shark, Spendtime Palace, and DJ Sister Mantos to christen the festivities before the El Monte trio, and brought their surf and slacker rock to the youthful crowd. The early hour of the night saw a dedicated audience who partook in the Halloween tradition and dressed in costumes to the likes of the three blind mice, various Freddy Krueger cuts, Dia De Los Muetros’ musings, and your run-of-the-mill, morphed animals.

Spendtime Palace’s beach wave aggression and early banter attempted to bring the eager rush together. Each trimmed with Western attire and details to boot, the Costa Mesa band playfully referred to themselves as “the openers,” hyping the remainder of the acts and inviting pits, movement, and cheers for The Red Pears to hear from the back. Jurassic Shark followed suit and quickly ramped up the notch in sound as the audience began to become more comfortable at the initial signs of crowdsurfing. Anticipation was now at its peak as the trio made their way on stage in the midst of the teasing lights and eager fans.

Gararge and alternative rock slewed each decibel and refined the backyard scene upon the first arrival of The Red Pears. Cleanly matching as day of the dead Mariachi’s, Henry Vargas (vocals/guitar), Jose Corona (drums), and Juan Aguilar (bass) exhibited an assured stance on stage. Taken as an aspiring portrayal rather than a generic stream of unconscious thoughts, TRP rekindled an appreciation of the live experience, humbling as they acted as the soundtrack for fans to immerse themselves in. Aside from the whirlwind rush of fast-tempo licks and punchy drum hits, the night also brought out sweeter melodies and a slower ballad. A special performance of “Forever” featured Natalie on keys and softened the atmosphere.

The Red Pears, featuring Natalie (Justin Bieggar, GUM)

Towards the final strums of “Time Bomb,” which stirred a well appreciated pit, an overwhelming unison of voices sung sweetly for “Daylight/Moonlight.” Vargas’ crisp vocals clearly swept through tempo switches and bounced off the El Rey’s decor walls: “Wait for a minute / Wait for a while / I could just be there / Bring down the towers.” Closing on a whimsical note, the crowd’s cheers brought the trio back out for the encore, “Angel Baby.”

The night altered a showgoers state of mind, from the shy adolescent to the equally shy adult going through their mid life crisis, a connecting theme echoed from TRP. The night leveled the crowd onto the same playing field; cut from the same cloth and getting lost to the imaginative and rustled chords of a timeless shine of youth.

There was something magical about the night watching fans lose their minds and worries as they witnessed TRP. Recollecting to a prior interview of why TRP’s music connects so well, the words of Corona spoke a greater truth: “I feel like it’s music that you can relate to and think about and captures you emotionally.”

All photos: Justin Bieggar, GUM

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