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Loyal Lobos ‘Wrong’

“'Wrong' is about the frustration that comes when you feel that you are forced to move forward no matter what, after migrating and trying and failing and trying again.”

After any step taken, a flawed instinct is to look back and ask if one has made any wrong turns along the way, or in this case being forced to moved and the frustration that follows. Loyal Lobos expands on a personal narrative and reflective viewpoint upon her latest single “Wrong.” Underneath the moniker, LA-based artist Andrea Silva reveals a personal aspect through her alt-folk sound and loosely penned thoughts. “Wrong” personifies the traction under each forced step with subtle twangs and warm, earthy compositions. Taken off her debut EP, The Fall, set to be released this October, “Wrong” is yet another taste of time in between since Silva’s first demo, two years prior, and the stories that came along for the ride.

“People forget that being sad is so important, we just neglect it. It’s when you strip naked and you lose your ego. This record is very precious to me, it’s a screen shot of my life,” states Silva on the forthcoming EP. “Wrong” picks up on the sheer veil that is set to be highlighted and surrounds one notion: time. Silva poetically opens and closes the track from two perspectives, forward and back, constantly second guessing the accuracy while she seeks stability.


As simple as the verses are, Silva’s thick and emotive vocals swiftly carry the words to a higher realm. The three minute track rings to a familiar, relatable feeling that connects a listener to Silva’s rustic style: More than five hundred miles / Since I started walking north / More than five hundred times I’ve asked myself / Am I doing wrong?” Silva’s ear pleasing cadence rolls softly and once again elevates Silva as a grounded songwriter who has finally found her sound and truth. 

Cover photo: Sydney Yatco


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