Spare Parts For Broken Hearts Aim to Kill Final Night of Residency at The Satellite

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts wrap up their final night of their October Residency at The Satellite with Iress, Ever-so-android, Annabelle Maginnis of MetronOhm, and $10 flash tats by Wild Riot.

Grunge-alt trio, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, have been breaking and mending hearts all month long for their Monday night residency at The Satellite and aim to bring things home for their final night, Monday October 29th. The last installment will feature Ever-so-android, Iress — who just wrapped up a mini tour —  and Annabelle Maginnis of MetronOhm who will be part of the guest of honors’ set. Besides the fact that it’s free, and Blood Candy will be on the 1’s and 2’s, below are the reasons why these acts and this show needs to be added to your list.

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts (Photo: Burcu Erim)


It’s free. Repeat, it’s free. To have a well curated slice of acts at your disposal for free is a sure treat, especially in Los Angeles. Knowing that the night will be at a constant high adds a notable act of humility and appreciation for the artists, making it financially easier for a music lover to show support simply by showing up.


Once again, this night features a strong cut of artists within the darker shade of grunge and reverb bliss. The female fronted line-up isn’t only an ode to women in the music scene, but an aggressive assortment that is rare to see on one slot. Ever-so-android punch hard and bounce from an alternative-rock dance, while Iress‘ heavy, doom gaze wraps you up in a haunting trance. SPBH never disappoints and display heavy, cinematic breaks and will dazzle and change the pace of their set with the help of Annabelle Maginnis of MetronOhm. In addition to the acts, Wild Riot and their team of artists will be offering their signature $10 flash tats as an extra perk of the night.



Could be biased on this one, but for good reasons. The Satellite has become a favorite to cover shows in the Los Angeles area. The two tier venue offers a show-goer different options, depending on their mood and the night. Whether it be upstairs to enjoy some brief talks without the issue of constantly repeating “what did you say?,” or downstairs to enjoy the full bar and intimate stage setting, there’s a good balance of needs and wants. The sound is great and picks up acoustics fine regardless of where you’re at downstairs.


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