David Alexandr ‘Take Your Leave’

London-based artist, David Alexandr, makes a soulful debut with his single "Take Your Leave."

London-based artist, David Alexandr, makes a soulful debut with his single “Take Your Leave.” Despite being noted as one to not fully disclose emotions, Alexandr’s expansive messaging transcends beautifully on the track. Blown into a full neo-soul offering of choices, Alexandr’s delicate and silvery croon monograms an infectious pop-hook of a mindset that is at a halt. Leading on keys and coming from a classically trained background, Alexandr’s introduction to the world not only instills his voice as an artist to keep close tabs on, but also of an adoration of refining neo-sounds to a modern platform.


Fading from an inevitable chime of time, Alexandr’s premature unveiling of the hook acts as a catalyst for the track’s tone, juxtaposing and overall portraying healing and not of heartache. Brief, blues-infused styling washes on lingering keys before the layers of electronic-soul mold to Alexandr’s words. “Tell me what you need from me / Is their work undone?” recognizes a turning point of questioning for the track. Whereas thoughtful penned lines such as “no more ambiguity girl / guess we reap what we sow,” sees Alexandr in an assertive light.

“Take Your Leave” simply doesn’t ride on one genre but borrows a variety of elements that sways from verse to verse, constantly keeping the track fresh. Alexandr’s stillness and minimal stances make room for a more reflective interpretation, allowing the buzzing guitar strums, and tender, extensive vocal notes to fill any empty spaces. Upon first listen, the slower-tempo track slightly tugs at the heart strings when it fact it is stitching gently, guided by Alexandr’s reassuring tone. Filled with expansive ideals and clever structures, “Take Your Leave” is a gorgeous body of work that heightens anticipation for the artist’s debut EP.


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