Swimming Bell Creates a Glorified Serenity on ‘Got Things’

Thick with a sustained emotion, Brooklyn's Swimming Bell, welcomes listeners to the first taste of sounds from her forthcoming LP, 'Wild Sight.' 

Brooklyn’s Katie Schottland, dubbed under the moniker of Swimming Bell, introduces listeners to the first taste of sounds from her forthcoming LP, Wild Sight, due out Spring ’19. Thick with a sustained emotion, “Got Things” welcomes folk-rock to the dreamy escapades of romanticism penned from the past and resulting into a downtempo pop ballad. Narrating in a casual demeanor that glimmers with soft lines of poetry, the track’s rich melodies swarm Schottland’s dulcet tones for a restitution of power.

The track’s initial opening of gentle tapping to an almost psychedelic transition sees a lush soundscape of surreal textures. Faint keys peak from verse to verse allowing a greater emphasis for the curve of Schottland’s words to be traced. Schottland’s charm and assertiveness become an underlying factor throughout the track, weaving from emotions to pride — “How and why would I fight / when it seems like you’ve got things, going right / How and why would I dare / to be waiting to show you I’m still there.” Bountiful, melodic layers of heartland soft rock, heard primarily on the strumming of an acoustic, manage to soothe any lyrical coarseness for an ambiance of reflection.

As Schottland displays what is seen and what isn’t through matter-of-fact lines — “You used to love the way I sang to you / You said you found it funny how I’d make up tunes and / the little space inside your broken heart was just enough to make us fall apart” — there is a glorified serenity that is echoed beautifully, confided from artist to listener.

Catch Swimming Bell on Tour

10.16The Prospector (Long Beach, CA)

10.18Neck of the Woods w/ Lowpines (San Francisco, CA)

10.21Whistle Stop w/ Lowpines (San Diego, CA)

10.24Hotel Cafe w/ Lowpines (Los Angeles, CA)

11.03Trans-Pecos w/ Katie Mullins (Queens, NY)

11.14Knickerbocker Taproom (Westerly, RI)

11.15The Parlour (Providence, RI)

11.19The Monkey House (Winooski, VT)

11.20Cafe Nine (New Haven, CT)

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