Things We Missed Because We Suck So Here’s a Playlist: Vol I

We suck, we get it. Too many emails and hopefully this works from now on. Here's Top 5 tracks that we missed and a playlist for the rest that deserve a listen.

Jesse Jo StarkRot Away” and “Wish I Was Dead

The Los Angeles starlet returned with two singles that are equally aggressive in different lights. A dark sensuality drips from Jesse Jo Stark’s Gothic-Surf track, “Rot Away” whereas “Wish I Was Dead” rolls on a faster and hazier tempo. Stark somehow manages to flawlessly present her romantic side (wanting to rot away with someone) through a traditional rock n’roll vibe, scuzz and all. Exquisitely spooky and sultry, Stark keeps a listener hooked through endless rolls and dark mirages. There’s still several shows left for her U.S. tour supporting The Vaccines and a U.K. tour supporting Sunflower Bean. 

Calva LouiseI Heard A Cry

Filled with the flourishing traits of punk throughout the London scene, Calva Louise’s fast paced offering “I Heard A Cry” propels the trio into the mainstream. The trio, Jess Allanic (vocals, guitar), Alizon Taho (bass, backing vocals) and Ben Parker (drums, backing vocals) fuse all of their influences with a poppier chorus which Allanic delivers with an angst to the likes of a full-spirited youth. There’s never a low moment on the track and an adored surfy vibe that echoes on certain riffs. The band explains on the track: “‘I Heard A Cry’ deals with the misinformation we often feel regarding what’s happening elsewhere in the world. But at the same time, it’s about the will of many people who are trying to inform themselves.”

Corina SeasWasted Time

LA transplant, Corina Seas, returns with a new single since her last pop ode to LA, dubbed “City of Angels.” Her latest offering revives her funky-pop cuts, intertwined with a contemporary R&B coating. An array of instrumentation construction leaps from the track among traditional pop tracks. Simple synths open the track with a very fast-tempo, low tom, that contrarily balances as Seas croons. A three second change of drumming pattern transitions verse to verse — slightly reminiscent of rock steady — which opens into the funky, and highly addictive hook. Seas vocals are tight, flavorful, and full of assertive lyrics as she takes back her identity and time. One of the few electro-pop artists that offer a full serving within their composition.


Yorkshire’s GRDNS share an sci-fi dream that stirs a mystical rock realm. Jacob Lyons (vocals/guitar), Sam Gledhill (guitar), Cameron Harrison (bass) and John Fitzpatrick (drums) paint a very expressive and colorful pallet of sounds, muffled through distortion at times with clean vocal deliveries. An airy, and psychedelic break meld hazy layers upon tight drumming and Lyons’ falsetto. Easily addictive and flourishing with indie-pop traits that will be on repeat for a while. Speaking on the track, Lyons explained: “‘Venus’ is a sci-fi rom-com inspired by the Roman goddess Venus and loosely plays with the idea that the goddess and the planet are one in the same, but put together fairly light hearted.”

DAFFODILSA Leo Underwater

Auckland’s quartet bring a soft take of post-punk with moments of dance-rock, and roaring synths on their indie cut “A Leo Underwater.” A dream-pop sample opens and becomes distorted to the tone of a steady beat and upbeat bass. Frontman, Theo Spike Salmon’s vocals are heartfelt as they cling to a lost romance — “you spent the whole summer underwater, that’s why you couldn’t hear me crying / you haven’t looked, you haven’t looked” — and bounce from the gritty tone of garage rock to a polished, passionate wave.

Cover photo: Jesse Jo Stark, Dana Trippe

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