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Psychic Love Strips Away the Human Veneer on ‘Go Away Green’

Echo Park's Psychic Love return with a sensual taste of reflective reality on their latest single, "Go Away Green."

The illusory bite of Psychic Love is one to not ignore in Los Angeles. Graciously being dubbed by the term “dream grunge,” the ensemble led by frontwoman Laura Peters, return with a sensual taste of reflective reality on “Go Away Green,” since the 2016 release, The Hive Mind. Based on the color of paint that Disneyland uses to mask elements that will break the fairy tale mirage, Peters skillfully utilizes this concept to explore this visual trick with people. “They use it on fire hydrants, and talent entrances, and electrical boxes, and it’s just so innocuous that your eyes pass right over it,” explains Peters. 

The track eases into a shattering a dream state with a heartfelt pound which sees the day of light tangled in guitar chords, bass lines, and intangible, rising synths. Heavier chords prowl on the track with a discerning gentleness, it becomes impossible to not be swayed into a state of adoration and contemplation. In addition of the dense soundscape, “Go Away Green” pens the meditative standpoint early on through lyrical context — “My eyes are mirrors, they are go away green / you see yourself instead of me.”

“This is a song about the things and people hiding in plain sight. I often feel like I’m looking out from inside a body – a body, a face, a look, that is telling the world one thing, but inside I’m just you and you are me.”

The out of body experience is sustained with Peters’ dreamy vocals and vivacious echoes of reverb. Hidden versions of oneself that sleep in the corners of our mind, meld to the creation of an alternative-rock delusion, propelled by the track’s gorgeous hook. Muting any rough edges and manipulating the narrative along the way, there’s a stronger sense of relation through the track’s lyricism: “So I will open your eyes, and let your love shine down on me / It’s hard alone I see you standing on your own, just like me.”

Stripping away the human veneer, Psychic Love once again makes us question and wanting more. The band will be releasing their sophomore EP as they prepare to hit the road this fall.


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