The Pocket Rockets ‘SPECTACLE’

East LA three-piece, The Pocket Rockets, unveil with their latest single "SPECTACLE" and drench listeners in garage rock.

East LA three-piece, The Pocket Rockets, unveil with their latest single “SPECTACLE” following-up their 2017 track “Situations.” Chris Magallon, Lyndon Miller, and Ralph Blanco have made a name for themselves through catchy and potent rhythmic lines since their self-titled EP, crossing sounds from garage rock, to lo-fi, indie. Recorded and mixed by Manny Nieto at éStudio in Los Angeles, and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, the trio’s attention to detail heighten their own qualities this time around. Coated in a heavy layer of garage rock, “SPECTACLE” emerges as an overall polished punch heard in the post-punk revival era of the early 2000s, and is greatly adored.

The Pocket Rockets, courtesy of artist via Facebook

Without delay, the track bursts with punchy drumming — that consumes the track’s existence — and Blanco’s matter-of-fact way of singing which is simultaneously relaxed and authoritative. Melodic guitar musings swirl upon crisp bass lines and through the various tempo changes from verse to hook, leaving no time for low moments. Magallon’s tight drumming and timing is exceptionally noteworthy towards the second half of the track, whereas Blanco’s singsong vocals stretch and conforms to his underlying thoughts. “SPECTACLE” lives up to its name and exhibits the first taste of new and cohesive sounds off the trio’s forthcoming album.


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