Naomi Banks ‘Hourglass’

London songstress, Naomi Banks, chills the idea of time, and tells of the cruel aspect of two people's love not lining up on her neo-soul track "Hourglass."

Time has been an intangible notion that humans have been trying to tame since we learned to track its existence. London songstress Naomi Banks chills the ideal, and tells of the cruel aspect of two people’s love not lining up — essentially loving someone at the wrong time — on her latest single “Hourglass.” Bittersweetly, the track rides through a personal, and beautifully presented narrative, depicting the ache through the smallest of details in each verse. Backed by a tender neo-soul fusion, “Hourglass” skims through a melancholy wave of acceptance and letting go.

“Hourglass is about not realising the importance of someone until they have gone away,” explains Banks on the track. The track painfully confesses, “he was in love, she didn’t know,” among electronic samples, tangled in a longing keys. Banks versatile vocals engulf a listener and stir a myriad of emotions through her bluesy tone. Weaving in and out, Banks’ vocals continue to bring the words to life, pulsating on lines such as, “while he hangs on and she lets go” to its sharp ending, “while she hangs on and he lets go.” R&B, electronic, and soul meet for Banks’ final residue left in a hourglass.


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