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JVLY ‘milk&honey’ (ft. Una Mey)

Australian producer, JVLY, teams up with Canadian songstress Una Mey, for a smooth offering rightfully titled "milk&honey."

Australian producer Kayle Butler, better known as JVLY, teams up with Canadian songstress Una Mey for a smooth offering rightfully titled “milk&honey,” via Mammal Sounds Records. With it’s effortless and loving qualities, especially production wise, one would assume JVLY’s creation emerged instantly. JVLY admits that for two months he had “an absolute block” and simply had “half ideas” that never took form. “When that happens, you start to doubt whether you’ll be able to write another song,” further explains JVLY. “I just completely stopped trying and left it for a while, then all of a sudden, the ideas started flowing back. It was the first time I felt a proper block, but I felt super inspired after it for some strange reason.” Nearing towards 4 minutes, “milk&honey” is a creamy treat that melts in a listener’s ears, centered around a euphoric production, soft keys, and the dreamiest vocals.

Una Mey. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Mey’s vocals clinch the track from its humble beginnings and mesmerize through the electronic layers. There’s a slight hurt heard in Mey’s vocals within the hook as she battles with a lasting love and the hesitation that seems to follow. JVLY’s production never overpowers Mey’s tone but compliments her angelic, melody. Chimes slowly emerge throughout the track, intensifying the dream state and battle with reality.

“This song is about an infatuation where you want what you can’t have. The more it’s wrong, the more you want it. You know things wouldn’t work out, so instead you let yourself soak in this unrealistic fantasy state,” states Una Mey.


Separately, each artist holds their own light, yet with “milk&honey” the kismet sound is adored and reaches a broader range for the dream-pop and electronic enthusiast.


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