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Pheremona Twists Fairy Tales with Trip Hop on Debut Video ‘Humdrum’

LA-based artist, Pheremona, welcomes us to atmospheric trip-hop on her debut "Humdrum."

Colorado native and Los Angeles transplant, Emma Henry, better known under the moniker Pheremona, entices with an aroma of dark electro-pop and trip-hop on her debut video and single “Humdrum.” Taken off her first album, Waybright, set to be released later this year, Pheremona is unapologetically herself. With a blank slate that allows a listener to dive in graciously, the singer and producer implements a vast amount of personalities on her first offering, musically and visually.

Twisting beloved notions of a fairy tale, “Humdrum” and its visual counterpart are fluid with Henry’s experimentation. Directed by Jay Vichy, the video sees a sweet and unexpected Henry stumbling into unwanted company, playfully portrayed in dubious costumes that aid the video’s simplistic feel. Performance shots of Henry scattered through the video welcome us to the artist’s demeanor, as she loses and regains herself in the midst of the forest.

Clearly finding an escape from the mundane notions, “Humdrum” is at its most captivating when listened. Ominous sounds emerge from the track’s first few seconds, deriving the genuine melancholy emotions behind trip hop. A protruding and singular bass drum allows Henry’s soft vocals to make its introduction, all while flaring hi-hats hauntingly allude a listener before pop influences sly into the track. Atmospheric and experimental breaks between verses extract a harsher and psychedelic tone from Henry. Full with lush melodies, “Humdrum” weaves a bountiful collection of sounds that highlight a successful path of experimentation to come from the artist.

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