Grizzy Coast Rediscovers Her Worth on ‘Zuzu’s Petals’

Grizzly Coast explores a new-found sense of freedom and confidence on her track and video "Zuzu's Petals."

Alannah Kavanagh, better known as Grizzly Coast, explores a renewed dosage of confidence on her latest track and video “Zuzu’s Petals.” Penned from Kavanagh’s natural poetic heart, the track implements an innocent imagery and a weightless amount of freedom. Bright melodies and a tender folk core allow Kavanagh’s melodious tone to be distributed throughout the track for an uptempo delight.

“‘Zuzu’s Petals’ is about the feeling of self-assurance – something that struck me on a refreshing upswing that I rode after going through a breakup. Finding simple luxuries in both solitude and community, and really focusing on music were what brought me back home to myself. With the song’s upbeat tempo and lyrics, I aimed to evoke the excitement that you feel when you’re inspired by the boundless possibilities that exist in your future,” explains Kavanagh.


The notion of the video relies on a simple direction, led by Michael Pugacewicz, by following Kavanagh throughout the day. Normal tasks are done solely by herself, such as going for a bike ride and dining out. Straying away from the concept that these should be done with a partner, Kavanagh’s comfort in her own skin breaks the stigma of being alone. Breathing as a second chance through a warm tone, “I’m finally free” delicately weaves confidence and an awakening of self-love. Kavanagh’s metrical lines bare the weight of the track as the clever reference from the 1946 classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, “check your pocket for Zuzu’s petals,” lends it’s name for Kavanagh to play upon and instill the ideal that hope can restore anything broken.


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