EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Key Sung Releases Compelling Visual for ‘Club Mate’

Australian artist, Oscar Key Sung, hums hypnotic melodies in the immersive track and compelling visual for "Club Mate."

Accompanied by subtle keys and fluttering percussions, Oscar Key Sung hums hypnotic melodies in the immersive track “Club Mate.” A standout song off his fresh No Disguise EP the Australian artist focuses on creating left-field pop, taking from R&B and electronic influences.

Embracing a pensive and self-reflecting manner Oscar Key Sung guides us through a video set in Mexico City. Focusing on the shapes, light, and color at play in various spots, the clip explores urban corners of the city. Joined by a number of friends, Oscar dances rhythmically to the music, intuitively making use of each space. As the clip carries a nostalgic attitude throughout, the video is a stunning companion to the already compelling song. It’s clear the artist demonstrates an appreciation for architecture, and expands upon his sonic vision with this visual approach.

Oscar exclusively shares with GUM, “Last year I spent a season in Mexico City. I fell in love with it instantly and could not leave after performing at festival Normal. This video is a candid and natural piece of documentation. Essentially a group of friends went to beautiful locations and hung out. For me it holds a deeper significance because it captures a beautiful era of my life I will never forget.

The video release comes along with Oscar embarking on a West Coast tour of the US. Recently wrapping up an outstanding show in LA and heading to San Diego and San Francisco, the artist continues to share his visceral soundscape with fans across California. Stay tuned for photos and coverage from his LA debut on GUM soon.


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