Dream Lover ‘Good Fun’

Inland Empire's Dream Lover exert an extra dosage of electro-funk on their latest single "Good Fun."

Inland Empire’s Dream Lover relish within the threads of soul, funk, and R&B fusion that they have dubbed the title “cholo soul” throughout the span of their short career. With a collection of videos, singles, and various stints throughout the I.E. and L.A. area, Dream Lover’s nostalgic sound of past generations, and inclusive modern approach, offers a breezy outlook on life and sounds which is a refreshing stray from the over saturated “trends.” The quartet, Michael Rey (bass/vocals), Mark Balagtas (drums), Alexandra Tanner (percussion/vocals) and Venny Vargas (keys/vocals), each bring their own personality to the threshold of theirs sets, and their latest single, “Good Fun” is no different.

Tuned to the anthem of cruising down the street on the last day of summer, “Good Fun” embodies a quaint feel of seasoned bliss after a couple of heartaches. Opening with an electronic beat of a simple kick and snare motif, distressing keys fill the first few seconds with a synth-funk aroma altering the track’s direction. A tight hook is propelled instantly and we are welcomed to a harmonious chant of the band and rich, groove-filled bass lines. Rey’s laidback and monotone rap carries the intent for the three minutes as Tanner’s backing vocals airbrush the delivery. Filled with charismatic motions and gracious movements, “Good Fun” is a perfect introduction to the band, for those unfamiliar, as well as a motivational hymn to start over the next day — “all good fun until shit gets real.”

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