The Entrepreneurs’ Fast-Tempo Single ‘Joaquin’ Graciously Announces Upcoming Debut Album

Danish trio, The Entrepreneurs, offer a high paced track of breaking free simultaneously announcing their debut album for an early release in 2019.

Danish trio, The Entrepreneurs — Mathias Bertelsen, Anders Hvass and Jonas Wetterslev — dish out the pulsating, fast-tempo track “Joaquin” and ride carefree waves of lighthearted riffs. Just signing with Copenhagen-based label Tambourhinoceros, the trio are set to release their debut album, Noise & Romance on February 1st, 2019. The band’s first offering of noise-rock ties in sweetly with the characteristics of Krautrock, promising tactical, well thought out progressions filtered through an experimental filter that raises anticipation for their 10-track debut.

Opening with an energetic pulse, the track’s slight quirks linger upon Mathias Bertelsen’s wails and high pitch’s of freedom, instantly making “Joaquin” jolt a listener to a more peaceful place than reality. “The lyrics are all about breaking free from everything holding you back, and about those who are not breaking free from these bounds. All in all it’s a playful, naive and energetic track with heavy notes of nostalgia both lyrically and musically,” explains Hvass. With one of the more refreshing breaks, which takes the track to an alternative and polychrome soundscape, “Joaquin” cascades through gorgeous bass riffs and melodic layers.

Oct 4, 2018: JaJaJa, Berlin (DE) – tickets on sale Sep 11, at 11am CET
Nov 8-11, 2018: Sorte Firkant Festival, Copenhagen (DK)

Cover photo: Malthe Ivarsson

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