Artist Spotlight: Speeks Geak

Speeks Geak may dispute his claims of being the Mayor of Pomona, but his energetic performances and beats say otherwise.

“I am not the Mayor of Pomona… I repeat. I am not the Mayor of Pomona.” Pomona native Speeks Geak proclaims on Twitter, but if you ask around some will tell you differently. Speeks is an up and coming hip-hop artist, beat maker and singer/songwriter who brings you quality songwriting and not just raps. His performances are electrifying, and his catchy hooks will have you singing along just after one listen. It’s no secret as to why Speeks has to proclaim that he’s not the Mayor of Pomona. Crowds follow Speeks to shows and help feed the already great energy he provides, on stage. A collective of voices surround a venue as soon as “Rooftops” or “A.W.O.Y” via his forthcoming EP, Waiting Room, blast from the speakers.

Speaks with team beam

While the long awaited Waiting Room releases, the self-produced hip-hop artist has dropped some gems along the way. “Jade’s Song” ft. Jade White is a soulful hip-hop/R&B track, fully produced and written by Speeks Geak. “My verse is about my ex. But also how I love music and sometimes music doesn’t love me back. So I’m done with it,” explains Speeks. The overwhelming feeling of only wanting to create and leaving the personal life on hold — which sounds like a common story for a singer/songwriter — while they simultaneously give all they have into the creation and the return seems so small. Yet, that doesn’t stop Speeks from creating. Instead he continues to hone into his craft, giving us great music.

His recent release Duck Tape is a beat tape that showcases the many hats Speeks can wear while he produces. From the soulful sounds of “Zone Mellow,” to the uptempo style of “N-3rg,” and the trap drum kit of “lbasw Lyft,” Speeks can get you hyped and writing bars all at the same time. Whether you like hip-hop or not, Speeks has something for a listener. Not to mention his undeniable energy is so contagious it will have you screaming TeamBeam when you see him; a term used by Speeks to give energy and be the best human you can possibly be to the people around.


Make sure to catch Speeks Geak at the 2nd annual THOP Fest performing on The Common Ground segment of the event. Closing acts include Grieves, Fashawn, Obie Trice, Reverie, Blueprint, 2Mex and 60 East. Don’t be shy and follow him on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on his debut EP Waiting Room.



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