Karmic Serve Eclectic Grooves and Peace of Mind on ‘Wisdom Pie’

Karmic returns with rhythmic grooves polished in pop trimmings for an addictive welcoming to their insights on "Wisdom Pie."

Serving up an amplitude of calm and collective vibes meshed with an alluring, funky core, Los Angeles duo, Karmic — Laura Baruch and Kylee Katch — unveil their latest single “Wisdom Pie.” Taken to the realm of indie-funk by the help of synths and bass, Peter Kastner and Sam Murphy add the missing elements for an eclectic offering. Tangled in plucks of a playful guitar and warm bass lines, “Wisdom Pie” is a surreal notion of simply living life to the fullest by taking chances.

Beneath the track’s constant ear-pleasing fluidity, the duo implement a slice of their own insight by playing on the ideals of going with the flow, and a lesser known symbol that the paper crane represents in origami. Throughout Asia the crane portrays happiness and many have passed along the fable of “folding a thousand cranes” for one wish to be granted. Paired with the album artwork — noting the dice — Karmic leaves the act of creation in one’s hands.


“Wisdom Pie” slyly caresses these thoughts for a modern take heard on the track’s hook, “You gotta get high with your mother / she’ll give you a slice of that wisdom pie.” Baruch and Katch’s vocals sparkle as they interchangeably weave throughout the track’s duration. A lighthearted and youthful delivery mated with a potent rhythmic groove make for a highly addictive summer anthem.

Los Angeles, be sure to catch them at Echo Park Rising tonight!

Echo Park Rising Karmic

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