Greg Aram ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Greg Aram breaks the mold of what should be attributed to gender in his latest video "Boys Don't Cry."

New York-based artist, Greg Aram, follows up his blissful track “Lazy Bones” with an introspective visual companion for his recent track “Boys Don’t Cry.” Revolving around the stereotypes that is embedded within Western culture of what should be attributed to each gender, in this case being a male, Aram’s video picks these ideals apart for an installment of freedom. Teaming up with Daddy Ramazani, “Boys Don’t Cry” is not only a wave of summer vibes, but a look into the harmful pressure of society’s definition of “masculinity.”

Rambunctious stills of Aram and his ensemble — featuring models Christian Dion and Levi Berlin, NYC rappers Ro Ransom and Orrin, and NYC skateboarder Chris Hell — open the video for a laid-back, typical summer day. Aram is seen sporting a bullet proof vest between the chillwave beat, as his “boys” carry on with their day. Aram’s lyrics slowly begin to peak into the mindset and “rebellious” alternate — “Be a man like you’re supposed to, that’s what my daddy would do” — as men are featured pushing a stroller, wearing a pink cross body bag, and not keeping one’s “composure” by sporting full grins.


The video continues with a montage of activities that men should be involved in, such as sports and working out. Beneath the armor and the lo-fi hazy vibes of Arem crooning, “I break the rules, saying ‘boys don’t cry,’ but I do,” tears begin to seep from the football player’s helmet, further displaying the pressure to hide emotions based on gender and masculinity. As the pop fusion dips into a slower and intimate tempo, the video features Arem and each member with glitter stains seeping from their eyes. The mold is symbolically broken with the universal thread that each individual is human in the end, regardless of gender identity, or the shade of glitter you cry.


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