HEARTRACER Drips with Tender Synth-Pop on ‘Diamond Sea’

HEARTRACER clings to the synth-pop Gods on their heartfelt ballad and performance video, "Diamond Sea."

Doused in a heavy stew of synth-pop and indie cuts, Heartracer’s “Diamond Sea” peels back the romantic in all who listen. Formed by brothers Chris and Chip Cosby, Heartracer pulls inspiration from Chris’ diagnosis of tachycardia — a disorder in which the heart beats faster at random — and provides a sentiment and admirable dedication of oneself to the musical project. Following-up successful EP’s throughout the years and a string of singles at the start of 2018, “Diamond Sea” sees the Richmond, VA ensemble through a heartfelt filter. Having performed sold-out shows with acts such as Walk The Moon, Future Islands, and Banks, to a name a few, Heartracer’s retro-pop licks are curating their future cleanly.

They’re latest live performance displays their latest single, “Diamond Sea,” in a personal light at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Opening shots throughout the streets of NY rise with synths, allowing a sensory, diary experience. The track’s dreamy introduction hails to a new wave love ballad, as Chris’ creamy vocals catapult the hook, “my love, we will be swimming in a diamond sea.” Building on crisp guitar riffs and a heavy rhythm section in the midst of drums and a pad, “Diamond Sea” possesses an explosive core of ripe sounds. Performance wise, Heartracer glistens with emotions and a lingering message of positivity.  With new work on the horizon produced by Andrew Lappin and mastered by Chris Gehringer, Heartracer not only revives the indie storm of new wave, but of tenderness that is capable of being derived from the amplitude of synths.


Cover photo: Adam Kliebenstein

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