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New Noise: Friday Freshness

GUM picks of new music that highlights the direction from summer to cooler days ahead.

Britt WarnerRuins

Los Angeles artist, Britt Warner, releases her first single of 2018 which stirs a myriad of buried emotions. Somber synths gradually kiss Warner’s breathy tone, haunting the present. Lyrically, the track is a poetic ode of regurgitated feelings of loss yet still holding on: “I was only a stone to you / Only built you up / To be torn down and / In memory I’ll lay.” Cannon Division’s production revives the sadness into a “phoenix rising from the ashes” moment as tempo switches for a grand, cinematic explosion. Heavy on the heart, yet satisfying, “Ruins” transitions from summer to fall and anticipates more music from Warner. You can catch Warner as one portion of the duo October’s Child, among a galore of other projects in the LA area.

SLANDER & Crankdat ft. Asking Alexandria “KNEEL BEFORE ME

SLANDER mesh their deep house and electronic musings with Crankdat, and iconic thrashings from Yorkshire’s, Asking Alexandria for an exceptional track to grace all music lover’s ears. Riveting amount of dubstep builds an anxious amount of momentum, while expansive layers, and booming bass lines burst to the game changer hook. Hardcore growls by AA are propelled into a bountiful moment of future garage, and hardcore techno bliss. Providing the best moments of each genre, the energetic shocks are equally tasteful on the dancefloor or in the pit. For the LA duo, this not only continues to defy their sound but innovative production style and keen attention to detail that are heavily heard on this track.

Moses SumneyRank & File

In the midst of traveling and appearing on every fest’s bill known to man, Moses Sumney unveils his latest track “Rank & File” off his newest EP, Black in Deep Red, 2014 due out August 10th (today) via Jagjaguwar. The track, and EP, take cues from Sumney attending a protest in 2014 and the unsettling thoughts that came after. “Rank & File” is an obvious relation to the military term, correlating the track to war, and political commentary on our own rank and file among the other’s, whether by class, color, or creed. The track is atmospheric, experimental, and takes nods from march’s chants with a softening choir that sends chills down your spines. Sumney’s vocals are not to be taken lightly as well, adapting to each verse and implementing a buried hurt.

NK RIOTAre You Ready?

“Electronic cyborg,” NK RIOT, returns with a dosage of post-celestial vibes and asks “Are You Ready?” The offering comes from the LA’s artist own label, XAR RECORDS, and continues to display NK RIOT’s signature sound of constant layering, intricate details, and heavy hooks. Built from an EDM and dance umbrella, NK RIOT strays from typical electronic and truly crafts from inspiration and a cohesive theme of industrial rock. “Are You Ready?” teases new work on the horizon and sharp cuts that we adore from the artist. Catch NK RIOT at the next event.


Rhyan Riesgo returns to Los Angeles with an offering of melancholy dream-pop that is smothered in her travels from Seattle on “Visitor.” Estranged and ethereal melodies provide a cushion of hazy notions that Todavia builds upon, all carried by Riesgo’s cool toned vocals. Delicately we hear bits and pieces of life, “The land it takes / a toll on us, you know / All I had let go,” intimately sharing the journey with the artist. It’s a welcoming return to LA and sweet taste of what is to come from her forthcoming EP.

Cover photo: NK RIOT




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