Jesse Jo Stark Awakens a Ceremonial Sensuality on ‘Dandelion’

Jesse Jo Stark baptizes in the remains of a faded love on her sensual video, "Dandelion."

Picked slowly like the flower she gently croons about, Jesse Jo Stark’s sensuality is awoken on her recent video from her EP’s titled track. The Los Angeles divinity portrays a vulnerable romance on screen that not only aches of time but of a damp match burning at the cost of your own hand. Led by the winding chords of Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, and directed by Connor Ellmann, “Dandelion” pursues the different elements of Stark’s darker shade, tangled in a yearning bliss.

Picking up on a familiar scene, “Dandelion” sweeps with Stark doused in white trimmings, grazing the touch and curves of a bed’s silky sheets and her own lace coverings. An almost distorted chimed dream is echoed within the first few lines, which is propelled by Stark’s cathartic, chamber vocals, and the track’s restless guitar strings. Stark explains, “A dandelion flower actually owns two faces. One, a bright light yellow and the other, a delicate white puff, gentle to your touch. Love to me is like a dandelion. Each time it fades away… it grows back to dance with you, time after time.” 

Bursting at the seams into a blues-rock ballad, Stark pulls apart notes as she clings to the sheets cradling the words, “I want satisfaction.” In the midst of the rock n’ roll remains that Stark has revived, Ellmann’s direction provides Stark’s words the sincerity it deserves, capturing her fluid movements. Built around an ideal of love and loss, we see Stark at a cemetery in her same white trimmings, straying from the nontraditional ideal of mourning in black, lulling “too dead to love you, dandelion.” Surrounded in a sea of rose bulbs, Stark’s ceremonial dip plays on the video’s faith principles and death, baptizing herself in a revival of life again at her own will, and that of a faded love.


Ultimately, Stark can do no wrong. With a successful EP under her belt, a forthcoming full-length blessing our ears this September, and simultaneity embarking on two tours –USA and European– the world seems to be in Stark’s hands.

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