The Colour Coast Remove All ‘Walls’ on Their Latest Video

LA's The Colour Coast continue their successful year, unveiling their pensive video "Walls" off their debut EP 'Rosado.'

Continuing a successful 2018, with a debut EP under their belt and a variety of stints throughout Los Angeles, including a residency at The Satellite, The Colour Coast display no sign of slowing down. Debuting their video at an encore show for moonroom’s Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders artists and allies showcase, The Colour Coast’s recent video is finally unveiled for the world and is a perfect introduction to the Los Angeles ensemble. Marley Otto, Kevin Martin, Frank Tobias, Juan Pablo Grado, and Theron Lynott cohesively portray their best assets, sonically as artists and conceptually as songwriters, on their pensive video, “Walls.”

Directed by Weslee Kate, the video plays on the track’s honey-eyed intimacy, which is a signature blend of Otto’s vocals fused with the band’s “indie-disco” sound. Penned from a personal entry, “Walls” battles within a distressing man-made armor built for defense and sees Otto as the culprit. Full framed shots revolve around Otto, portraying the thoughts behind closed doors and the mind’s result of a closed space. Without much room, Otto croons sincere lines of change and contemplation, allowing viewers to absorb the track’s heart in mere seconds.

Kate portrays Otto’s words in the literal sense and removes the walls, panning out to a full band performance. Each member is dressed for an occasion of importance, showcasing what the world may see but still within restrictions. As the tempo switches and burns into a scatto of halting riffs, a final curtain is pulled immersing the band into an expansive scene of wonderment in the desert. Glimmering with sandy textures and warm tones, “Walls” sentiments are that of an innocent plea, glammed in the hopeful will of simply allowing.


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