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Broken Baby Challenges and Invigorates with ‘Pass the Acetone’

LA's Broken Baby deliver an array of attitude wrapped in their post-punk aesthetic on their latest video and single, "Pass the Acetone."

Engrossed in a soundscape of post-punk and the wit of a lover you meet at first glance, Broken Baby are one of the reasons you attend a show in Los Angeles. Born from the musings of Amber Bollinger and producer Alex Dezen, the duo have carved a vivacious, lo-fi charm with scuzz that swarms their 2017 debut EP. Building on their D.I.Y. cultivation of sound — with their forthcoming LP, Broken Baby, set to be released September 21st, via Palo Santo Records — Broken Baby return with a polished offering, “Pass the Acetone,” which sets the inflection for their next installment and adds their name to one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets.

The track leads with a modular rhythmic core, tensely building over drums and charged with Bollinger’s voltage, ready for Dezen’s addicting riffs. Not too overcoming but just enough to charge a listener, “Pass the Acetone” is a melodic punch to the ears ready for continuous replays. Bollinger’s bright vocals hold an amplitude of strength and is delivered with control throughout the track.


Extracting the momentum the duo built, Tony Diaz pairs the energy with a simplistic and conceptual array of attitude. The video sees Bollinger doused in a mod aesthetic, isolated and on display as Dezen’s silhouette offers the comforting chimes of the outside world. Filled with angular shots and a challenging mindset, Broken Baby’s “Pass the Acetone” illustrates this older way of thinking ready to be broken.

Catch Broken Baby at their next show, 9/5, Valley Bar with Dead Sara (Phoenix, AZ)

Cover photo: Alexa Curran

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