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Oddnesse Cycles Through Fear on ‘It Runs Wild’

Oddnesse's latest track "It Runs Wild" picks the scab of time and fear through heavy post-progressive vibes.

Protruding guitar licks heavily open the latest track, “It Runs Wild” from Oddnesse. The Los Angeles ensemble portrays a high dosage of uncertainty, as frontwoman Rebecca Arango battles her own fears, tackling the ceaseless thoughts alongside a dark production. Where we saw confidence meet the unknown on each verse of “Trust,” the newest offering is a broken reflection of the previous track, and a picked scab of time, graciously melting in an alternative rock form.

“I am very afraid. I avoid it. I’m afraid of what I don’t know. Even about myself. On the surface, thoughts run circles around each other kicking up dust. I find out there’s something sinister beneath. I’m afraid of what’s down there. I go hunting for it. I wake the beast. I run away. It’s coming for me whether I like it or not. And I can sense it even though I don’t know what it is,” explains Arango on the track.


Signature keys and dark wave elements — provided by the other half of Oddnesse, producer Grey Goon — manages to keep softer shades of tones despite the heaviness that Arango’s lyrics and vocals carry. “It Runs Wild” bites into hard feels and is carried by a post-progression structure married to a new-wave soundscape. Arango’s assertiveness hides fear by the first verse to only cycle back into her escape, reassurance, and ultimate open-ended chase as her final words, “there’s no floor,” paints an endless self-inflicted fall.

Be sure to catch Oddnesse on the stage for Echo Park Rising. 


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