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Thumpasaurus Declares Love on the Unorthodox Video, ‘Flamingo Song’

LA's funk masters, Thumpasaurus, declare love and release on their addictive track "Flamingo Song." Leading with melodic bliss and a humorous video, Thumpasaurus gears for their debut LP, 'The Book of Thump.'

Stirring in a stew of oddity, funk, and uninhibited melodic bliss, Los Angeles quintet, Thumpasaurus release their latest single “Flamingo Song” and fearlessly take a listener’s senses for quite a ride. Lucas Tamaren (vocals/guitar), Henry Was (drums), Logan Kane (bass), Paul Cornish (keys), Henry Solomon (sax), and Aaron Serfaty (percussion) implement a different arrangement that is centered around a skewed perspective and humorous light, such as their previous track, “Mental Karate” that seemed to stem from frontman Tamaren’s alter ego, Sensei Boland. Regardless of the inspiration, Thumpasaurus’ child like demeanor paired with their avant-garde structure is the perfect combination for breaking loose from the toils of the day. With their debut album, The Book of Thump, ready to drop tomorrow, July 24th, “Flamingo Song” is an offering of funktronic romance, ripe for the taking.


To only add to the joy of thump, thumping, or generally being thumped, “Flamingo Song” gets a liberated visual companion, directed by Jocelyn Cooper. The video wastes no time by diving into an assortment of jiration and intense crotch shots, followed by each member’s dance break. Doused in pink trimmings and set on a roof, the video’s opening trails into a rambunctious act of agile limbs swimming in the track’s complex grooves and potent rhythmic section.

Tamaren is then seen in contemplation, recollecting fond memories from his unorthodox relationship with a doll, and the heavy thought of letting her go: “And what you did, it’s ok, I still love you anyway / but I’ll love you even more if I let you go instead.” Tamaren’s halting and wishful tone dips from the track’s incredibly addictive hook, and offers a lower grounding in the midst of the humorous story unfolding, brought into perspective with dreamy keys and dramatic close-up shots of Tamaren’s love interest. Bursting with spirited grooves, a sonorous sax, and a falsetto that could bring one’s long lost dog back, “Flamingo Song” hails to the funk lords and offers a soundscape of inescapable delight, visually and sonically.


Los Angeles, purchase tickets for Thumpasaurus’ Release Show at the Troubadour, 7/24

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