Name The Band Cut All Ties on ‘I Wonder’

Name The Band's visual counterpart for "I Wonder" takes all the lingering thoughts that the track stirred up and beautifully presents one final question.

What happens when the lines that connects us are still there when we aren’t? Name The Band sheds a light on all the lingering thoughts that the track originally stirred up and beautifully presents the power of time through a gorgeous visual display. Directed by Natalia Hermida G., the visual counterpart not only heightens the vitality of “I Wonder,” but also raises anticipation for Name The Band’s next upcoming full-length.

Hermida G.’s direction is profound and sensitive, bringing to life what seems as the harmless thought, of wondering. Reflectively and metaphorically portrayed with two individuals’ true self — Caribay Franke and Jorchual Vargas — the video goes through the motions of love, anger, loss, mourning, and moving on. Stripped of all materialistic counterparts and only tied with the threads of time, the inevitable notion that the threads still exist cannot be ignored. Featuring shots of the band also tangled in the red thread, pulling between each movement, and back to the couple, exhibits a cause and effect approach that expands towards a human conscious awareness.

“I Wonder” is simply the question asked at the end of a reoccurring haunt the song speaks about, but also a question of reconciliation. Through the tense shots of Franke and Vargas desperately trying to retreat with their own thread, the past anger pushes each to hastily cut their connecting threads. As the track’s bridge makes way, frustration seeps in and cathartic muted screams burst from the couple. Tenderly showing each own’s fresh cut, Franke and Vargas gently caress the severed threads in deep contemplation. Whether the story takes them away or brings them back after the halted end, “I Wonder” is one of the most human concepts to emerge from the band and gorgeously brought to life through Hermida G.’s vision.


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