Bugsy Frees Inhibition and Asserts on ‘Cat Call’

Bugsy's "Cat Call" is an uninhibited stance towards unwanted behavior, fueled by a quick wit and women's empowerment.

Comfort is a threshold that many take for granted. It is with this notion that Los Angeles-based feminist rapper, Bugsy, carves her name. Crafted around women empowerment, an aggressive delivery, and melodic musings, Bugsy is more than simply an artist, but a sound of an awaking of the muted conscious for many women. Recently featured on Lucy & La Mer’s “anthemic pop” track, “Rebel Babe,” Bugsy’s conscious penned verses continue to lift up women, and tastefully shun men who itemize them, reversing roles in the traditional rap realm.

Bugsy’s latest unveiling, “Cat Call,” is an uninhibited declaration of rhythm-based lyricism, hitting hard with pop filled melodies and poised assertiveness. Heavy, deep synths and a minimalist structure open the track for Bugsy’s retaliation.  Lines such as, “You’re talking to a damn boss / Boy, go home and jack off,” instantly sets the mood and revives Bugsy’s own identity, heard previously on her 2017 EP, Boss Woman. Quickly jumping into an incredible pop-centric chorus, “Cat Call” grows with Bugsy’s wit.

Following suit, the track’s visual counterpart invokes Bugsy’s attitude and unfiltered ideals. Directed by Lucy La Forge, the video’s one shot approach throughout LA’s Art District sits a viewer in the front row to Bugsy’s needed open letter. Playing on the intimacy and focal point of Bugsy’s every move, La Forge’s direction seems to mimic the unwanted eyes that women may feel when walking down the street. Bugsy counters stereotypical comments, such as “pussy” used in a demeaning way, praising its strength versus the delicacy of a man’s anatomy, and wittingly commenting of her own “U.S.D.A. certified grade.” Backed by her entourage of strong-willed women, casual dance breaks drip with an undisturbed confidence, welcoming all to the world of Bugsy.

Catch Bugsy tonight, Los Angeles, at The Peppermint Club alongside REL, PAM MILLO, & MADI RINDGE. 

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