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The Black Delta Movement ‘Let The Rain Come’

The Black Delta Movement provide the right amount of garage-rock on their latest video and single "Let The Rain Come."

Hull’s garage-rock outfit, The Black Delta Movement come in an aggravated form on their newest single “Let The Rain Come.” Eloquently washed in distortion, high pulsated guitar screeches, and heavy drums, “Let The Rain Come” is a raw styling of rock with a small social punch. Frontman Matt Burr explains, “I never really get too political in songs because I think it’s boring, however ‘Let The Rain Come’ was more a jab at people who DO get political,” cuing the opening line from the track, “Vultures circling the road and they’re all just watching as we pick at the bones.” Propelling this into motion, the track’s visual counterpart is equally as satisfying as the track.

Directed by Matt J. Molson, the video’s usage of a continuous one-shot pulls a viewer right into motion. Focusing on a distressed man, with what we can assume is being chased by someone or something, the video heightens his anxiety at the touch of the political jabs, being haunted by a self-inflicted force. The high propelled delivery of the track pairs perfectly with the video, as “Let The Rain Come” simply becomes a favorite all across the board. Taken from their debut album, Preservation, due for release August 3rd via Clubbed Thumb (distributed via Non Delux/Cargo) and “Let The Rain Come” will also be released on 7” on July 27, 2018.


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