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Odina’s ‘I’ll Carry You’ Finds Comfort in Melancholic Tones

Odina's final single from her 'Nothing Makes Sense' EP is a quiet reminder that things will get better.

Spanish singer-songwriter Odina has a serious knack for emotive atmospheric music. Originally from Barcelona, Odina began writing and recording as a solo artist following a move to London, releasing her debut EP in 2016. Since her initial release, she has generated enough buzz to sell out her debut headlining show and book several summer festival dates, signaling a bright future for this rising star.

Rounding out Odina’s brand new Nothing Makes Sense EP, “I’ll Carry You” is a continuation of the theme of luscious melancholy that twists its way through her work. Odina’s breathy tone lulls the listener into a haunting recall of the aches of youth. Lyrics describe familiar growing pains that we experience as each year passes: “When you don’t know what it is, but there’s something wrong / When you hold on to the end, till the end is gone / When you lose the one place that you call home.” Hazy, filtered vocals echo through the chorus, giving the illusion of a greater presence. As Odina explains, the song represents the “light at the end of the tunnel,” an empowering reminder that “not everything is as bad as it seems.”


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