Paola Bennet Breaks the Monotony on ‘Desert Sky’

New York-based songstress, Paola Bennet, revives her "sadgirl folk" through sweet tones on her latest release "Desert Sky."

Dubbing a signature “sadgirl folk,” Boston native and New York transplant, Paola Bennet, unveils her latest track in nearly 2 years. Since her last EP, The Shoebox (2016), Bennet revolved around the notion of keeping mementos in a shoebox, embracing the frailty of being human. Continuing with an almost cathartic delivery, Bennet’s vocals cling to hearts and ears. Fashioned around the potency of storytelling, Bennet’s folk musings brace her vivid words for an overall sense of inevitable longing change on “Desert Sky.”

Whispering stirs open a delicate production, and Bennet’s soft vocals are instantly gravitated towards by the virtue of her emotive control. Subtle, and crisp strings begin to echo against the acoustic as each stance weeps out through Bennet’s silver tone. Trapped in a haunting memory, Bennet pens for an escape, taking a listener with her through pensive and reflective lyrics. “So I’ll head for the desert sky / Leave all the people, the neon lights / Running to something new / This city looks too much like you,” gracefully epitomizes the aroma of the track. As the story unravels, layering guitars provide a lush impact, allowing for a richer composition, and deeper insight to Bennet.


Between contemplative lines, and a looming response — “You say, ‘Do you know / what it is you want though?’ / and I think I do, and it’s not you” — the track’s beauty lies within its inclusive story. Providing the right amount of encapsulated emotions for the listener to absorb and cling to their own need to break the monotony, Bennet encourages all to seek their own “Desert Sky.” Hopefully, this is a preview of more to come from Bennet this year.


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