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Michael Paradise ‘Lost Control’

Toronto's Michael Paradise pin points madness with a blissful production on "lost control."

Following-up his successful debut, “MEANT 2 BE,” Toronto artist, Michael Paradise, offers a second helping of indie-soul on his empathetic and pop-esque track, “lost control.” The track’s peaceful production, courtesy of Goldchain, ironically holds the madness of “losing control” as Michael’s lo-fi, and groggy croon wraps a listener in comfort. Swimming in a blissful setting, “lost control” takes Michael’s enlightenment towards a funky, melodic twist.

“’Lost control’ came from a recent realization that the old cliche – ‘Things fall apart’ – is painfully true. It draws a parallel between losing the physical, the stable, the tangible, to losing the psychological and the ethereal. I have a knack for misplacing trivial, but sometimes valuable, things in my life and it has always drove me a little mad. In the recent months, I’ve lost a lot more – things that aren’t trivial. ‘Lost control’ is about just that – the lack of control we have over a life that feels like we are in control of, and the madness that ensues,” explains Michael.


Breaking a bittersweet reality, Michael sings of acceptance at moments — “you try, you lose, you lost control” — to veiled, playfulness that evades it all: “Then you ask me if I can help, but I don’t want to help you for shit, no.” The tongue-in-cheek demeanor sits perfectly among the bedroom-pop synths, straying mildly from his indie-soulful sound previously heard. Whether one believes in the “old cliche” Michael speaks of, or wishes to look otherwise, the sentiment of losing control is one we can all agree upon.


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