New Noise: Summer Love

Ah, summer. Heat, love, some pain, and a sense of freedom. Here's the latest that embody all of summer love.

White NightSummer Love


German-American duo, White Light — Willi Leinen and Elizabeth Boardman — isolate a withered attraction in a bittersweet fashion on “Summer Love.” Nostalgic keys faintly bring up the Doogie Howser theme song, and the heavy 80s inspiration. Hazily drifting into Boardman’s heavenly vocals, the track takes a bite into an uptempo design, backed by Leinen’s electronic beats. When you think the track can’t take another plunge elsewhere, Boardman’s vocals meet the gentle strings of a violin, due to White Light’s resume of being classically trained musicians. Flourishing in tempo changes and a beautiful blend of instrumentation and electrical components, “Summer Love” is a longing and reaffirmation that “the hurt is all gone.”

Far CaspianLet’s Go Outside


Summer not only brings the love of humans but simply the surroundings. Leeds “melanjolly” quartet takes an aim to bring this aspect to life on their recent track “Let’s Go Outside.” Doused in dream-pop and an extremely addicting rhythm, “Let’s Go Outside” captures a fleeting innocence that most, if not all, lose in the mundane cycles of technology. Abandoning these notions, the track echoes exploration and introspective ideals, getting lost and seeing “what this life’s about.”

Mr Little JeansForgetter


Los Angeles artist, Mr Little Jeans, returns with a truly captivating single “Forgetter.” Leading with a false opening, that somehow gets twisted into a low, bubbling array of electronic beats is meshed with an overall dreamy environment. Layered to perfection, the track’s melody provides a subtle personality, and distinct quirk which overcomes static noise. Sweetly pairing with Mr Little Jeans vocals, “Forgetter” is an escape and assertive step forward that embodies the changing season.

Laura Jean AndersonLove You Most


It’s been about 3 years since Righteous Girl, and LA-based crooner, Laura Jean Anderson, returns with her second offering of the year. Anderson’s vocals naturally stop anyone cold in their tracks for their distinct hurt, and Anderson’s ability to manipulate notes and conduct a listener with ease. Typically wrapped in blues, Anderson’s “Love You Most” sees the light of softer textures while still holding to the retro core that seeps from her arrangement. Silky and tied in a muted pain of overall love, “Love You Most” throws a soulful vibrancy in the overall soundscape for an anthem to sing to your loved one, unrequited or not.




Jordan Caiola and Patrick Zeinali, better known as Nightseason, create something beautiful around such a simple concept, it becomes baffling in hindsight. “Strangers” opens with a scene of intimacy, recollecting the day before the two lovers were simply unknowns to one another, ironically the same once ended. Warm plucks of the guitar drift the scenes in and out alongside a bright hook, and a lush rhythm section. The track’s break takes an interesting, slower and electronic course only to be brought back back the addicting guitar chords, it’s impossible to not sing along.



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