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Mandy Sloan ‘Rose Petaled Boys’

Mandy Sloan's latest release, "Rose Petaled Boys," is an ode to romantics who pick more than flowers, nestled between a dreamy, indie-pop sound.

Favorite mid-west crooner, Mandy Sloan, returns with a satisfying delicacy of sounds, and an ode to the romantics who not only pick flowers, but also hearts. “Rose Petaled Boys” ties Sloan’s signature sentiments and cascading vocals for a sweet disposition of indie-pop and playful banter. If possible, the track is brighter than her 2016 album, Blue Summer, and leans towards a polished, modern sound, while carrying the same captivation that we’ve grown to love from Sloan.

Rushing in, the track takes a lead with a dominant percussion and contemplative narrative. “I, I do admit some disarray,” Sloan sings in a matter-of-fact tone as she lays her cards on the table. Despite the push and pull, Sloan clutches beneath the dreamy chords as she pauses the melodic drift for a closer examination: “Now you’re showing your true colors, and I really don’t like that shade of grey.” The track takes an interesting turn by the break, slowly strolling alongside Sloan’s silvery and lush tone, backed by layering guitars. Nodding on the whirlwind of emotions that follow the last fall of a petal, Sloan’s story line is as gentle and merciful as her last pluck of the guitar string.


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