FYE & FENNEK ‘Clouds’

FYE & FENNEK's latest single take restricted attraction to the realm of industrial, electronic realms.

Playing on a deep-rooted passion of hesitation towards physical attraction, FYE & FENNEK’s latest single, “Clouds” reciprocates thoughts and production for a sultry offering. The German duo — comprised of vocalist FYE and producer FENNEK —  have a commendable reaction with each other that is easily heard within their music. Since the successful release of “Places,” it isn’t fair to group FYE & FENNEK’s sound simply into the electronic stream. The duo acquires a sharp element of composition and genres flee between their hands, most notably on “Clouds.”

Cascading, electronic beats drip in, circling around a sense of barred thoughts. FYE’s vocals slowly make their way over the mechanism of beats until crisp guitar chords melt the hook. “I love the taste when it’s filled with fear,” flourishes into the ears, almost as if feeding off the restraints of a forbidden lust. The duo explains: “The sound is deep like a heartbeat at night… it’s a lot about sexual attraction, or being caged by the thought of someone. But at the same time, these thoughts are like clouds- unclear and changing as quickly as they arise.”

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