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Katzù Oso Offers Sentiments of Love and Dream-Funk on ‘Crazy4luvinU’

Katzù Oso continues to capture hearts with his latest offering "Crazy4luvinU" off his debut, forthcoming mixtape, 'Pastel,' set to be released July 20th.

Katzù Oso, moniker of Paul Hernandez, delivers not only a romantic track drenched in synth-pop delight, but an introduction to the mind and craft of the Los Angeles artist. Hernandez twists nostalgia and classical production cut from the cloth of bedroom pop on his latest offering “Crazy4luvinU.” Presented in a whimsical light, the automatic propelling of movement and intoxiating lines hint to a colorful pallet of dream funk, delicately painted by Hernandez. In preparation for his debut mixtape, Pastel, set to be released July 20th via Counter Culture Records and Cosmica Records, “Crazy4luvinU” is an impressive mark of ever growing success from the young artist.

The track’s immediate atmosphere clings to the throes of love, tangled in bliss and worry. Hernandez follows suit, leading with intimate vocals in a breathy and hazy delivery: “You make it really hard to love you and it feels like you’re drifting away / Holding on to us seems real to me and I know you never felt this way.” As Hernandez continues to sing, the lyrical components changes towards worry of moving on with another, and the “insanity” for continuing to love. Chimes of synths fill in the inaudible vocals, which becomes apparent that all focus is now on the textured groove. Enclosing the entirety with a romantic core leaves “Crazy4luvinU” as the perfect summer love anthem for this year.


Sunday, July 1 ||| Dirty Penni Festival ||| Los Angeles, CA
Friday, July 6 ||| Constellation Room ||| Santa Ana, CA
Saturday, July 7 ||| Swedish American Hall ||| San Francisco, CA*
Sunday, July 8 ||| The Ritz ||| San Jose, CA*
Monday, July 9 ||| Secret Show ||| Bay Area, CA
Tuesday, July 10 ||| Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. ||| Chico, CA*
Wednesday, July 11 ||| SLO Brew ||| San Luis Obispo, CA*
Saturday, July 14 III Bootleg Theater III Los Angeles, CA*

*with Y La Bamba

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