EMÆL Clings to Hope and the Freedom of Dreaming on ‘Yellowtail’

EMÆL provides hope and reassurance to keep one's individuality on their genre-fluid video "Yellowtail."

Derived from the belly of repetitive toils in life, the collective that continues to blend contemporary and visionary feats of audio, EMÆL, welcomes us to their savior from the mundane on “Yellowtail.” Taken off their successful debut album, Glasswork, the track’s skewed signature and classical, neo-funk stylings hail from drummer Joris Hoogsteder’s 15/4 groove, to a sweet melody sung on the streets of Mexico that was captured by frontman Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess. The visual counterpart, directed by Gibran Rubio, explores this audio soundscape of freedom while stripping down the bare necessities of life towards a sense of individuality.

Rubio’s direction sees the band — Ventura-Cruess, Joris Hoogsteder, Alyssa Belle Cantal, Daniel Kristoff, and Michael Womack — in a standard assembly line deprived of any sense of self, redundantly folding the same line over and over. Cantal’s hopeful vocals emerge and knit closely alongside Ventura-Cruess’ for a sweet essence of harmonizing. Stirring around a very minimalist and poetic writing stance, carried by the innocence of a child, the track circles around a yellow tail one would see dangling at the end of a kite. Clinging to this striking and vivid element, the video cruises between the acceptance of contentment to wanting more, as each member lulls into their safe haven of dreaming.

“I’ve never been one to dream a dream that wasn’t mine,” takes the track to a darker tempo by the cello-driven break. Cradling onward a symphonic spotlight, “Yellowtail” emerges into an expansive composition, wrapping each line in an aroma of jazz, hip-hop, and neo-soul. The video captures and instills the notion of not only flying our own kite, but holding on to our own yellow tail that allows flight, and keeps us dreaming a little longer.

Stream Glasswork and be sure to catch the So.Cal locals on tour.

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