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Name The Band Returns with Contemplation on their Heavy New Single, ‘I Wonder’

Name The Band returns with a punchy and bright track, filled with lingering thoughts taken from their forthcoming EP, 'Spark.'

It’s been several years since we’ve heard the collective, bright sounds of Los Angeles-based band, Name The Band. Yet, despite time away the Brazilian artists — Zeh Monstro, Gabriel da Rosa, Vini Marble, and Bet-o — have been busy keeping their name alive on tour and crafting their forthcoming EP, Spark. The band’s latest offering, “I Wonder,” is the first from their new collection and sees them revert back to a harder sound than previously heard on their 2016 album, Summer Lush, and head towards a fuller composition, heavy with lingering thoughts.

Bright chords and punchy, crisp drums open the wave of “I Wonder,” while Monstro’s gritty vocals prowl each verse with contemplation, countering the track’s upbeat core. The track focuses on a past haunt, whereas Monstro is heard stuck, battling logic with emotions: “I close my eyes, you’re still there / You talk to me, in my head / “I just have to let go / I Wonder.” Lightly covered in reverb, “I Wonder” pulls into a playful break, disguising angst yet powerfully pushing through an aroma of garage rock. The track’s abrupt ending plays on the band’s rock influences, cleanly adding the final accent of a disruptive ghost. Name The Band sharpen each tool on “I Wonder,” each implementing a polished piece, and creating a firm track that offers a promising start to their upcoming EP.

Catch them June 28th at The Hotel Cafe, alongside Catlow for their “I Wonder” video release.


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