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Saltwater Sun’s ‘Hot Mess’ Finds Common Ground in the Struggle

Saltwater Sun releases their second single of 2018, a sun-soaked pop song that reminds us that it's ok to struggle sometimes.

Since 2015, Saltwater Sun has been pumping out addictive indie rock from their home base of Reading, England. Consisting of two EPs and two new singles, the band’s discography displays a wide range, from groovy alt pop to politically charged rock. Their sound is thoroughly addictive, crafted around the raw power of front woman Jen Stearnes’ grungy growl and full of intelligent lyrics that elucidate universal truths. After taking a break from releasing new material, Saltwater Sun made waves with their March release of “The Wire,” a track warning against political apathy. As we wait in hopeful anticipation of another collection of songs, the group has several September tour dates planned in their home country.

Saltwater Sun’s newest single “Hot Mess” is full of feel-good rhythms, reminiscent of the sun-soaked pop of the early 2000s. Powered by Stearnes’ bombastic voice, the song is a quintessential summer jam, a dichotomy of relaxed verses and headbanging choruses. Behind the nostalgic hooks and familiar guitar distortion lies a simple, yet powerful message: lighten up. Lyrics remind the listener that life is hard for everyone: “Hey, you’re just like the rest / livin’ under duress / a regular hot mess.” Not to worry, you’re in good company.


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