Ben Khan Emerges from Obscurity with Haunting New Singles

Ben Khan sets the precedent for his debut album, on his latest 3 singles. With his music providing a transcendent experience and unparalleled quality, the young UK musician leaves listeners eager for more.

There are few artists that completely envelop themselves into a shroud of mystery. Letting the music speak for itself, and having limited presence on what is now a conglomerate of social media, Ben Khan introduces the listener to his obscure world. Informed equally by sci-fi and left field pop influences, Khan first emerged on the scene in 2014 with the 1992 EP, a diverse body of work that asserted his niche sound in the electronic music community. The young artist is evidently a visionary, both sonically and aesthetically. The release of his 2018 singles, “a.t.w. (against the wall)”, “2000 Angels“, and “Do It Right” further affirm his forward-thinking productions.

Elusive in his character but achingly honest in his content, Ben Khan has been releasing a number of compelling tracks. His previous EPs (1992 and 1000 EPs) can be described as lo-fi funk, with the electric guitar being the main focus paired with hazy production. Several comparisons have been drawn between Khan and artists like Jai Paul. With both sharing an eerily similar sound, UK citizenship, and equally mysterious identity, its no wonder we’ve conspired they are the same artist. But where Jai Paul slips back into the dark corners of the internet, Ben Khan dominates with his dark electro-funk sound engaging an inarguable cinematic quality.

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The intuitive “2000 Angels” marked the first release of 2018 for Khan. Driven by beautifully rich synths, the song progressively builds into an detailed orchestration. The composition holds a sense of urgency as Khan’s sultry voice keeps pace with the tracks tempo. He proclaims, “feel it in my belly, feel it in my lungs” as he is overwhelmed with an all consuming conflict of love and hate. The video is saturated with images; a perfect visual summary of the song’s chaotic nature.

“Do It Right” is the more downtempo release of the the singles. Stepping away from large blown-out sounds, Khan resorts into a foggy production with a light percussion and a textured bassline. As he croons, “Everyone is returning from some type of journey, walks in the moonlight extend my imaginations,” Khan further affirms to the listener his expansive and creative lyricism.

The last single to follow, “a.t.w. (at the wall)” brings a more distorted and twisted composition followed with a face-paced rhythm. As Khan sings, it’s as if he’s letting in the listener in on a secret, only to make a distinct proclamation in the lyrics, “my pride is going to get me”. It seems the artist struggles with an inner demon as he debates his interactions with others.

With the release of these 3 new singles, Khan sets the precedent for his debut album, which as of now does not have a release date. With his music providing a transcendent experience and unparalleled quality, the young UK musician leaves listeners eager for more.

One can attempt to keep up with Khan on social media, but don’t anticipate too much content.

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