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Austin Ward Aims for a Renewal of Confidence on the Dismantling Relationship on ‘2 of Us’

Austin Ward leads with a melodic hook and smoky vocals towards the end of a dismantling relationship on "2 of Us."

Los Angeles-based indie artist, Austin Ward, drives an emotionally draining relationship to a reflective stance on the latest video “2 of Us.” Ward’s latest offering, taken off his upcoming EP, Pheromone, is a heart-rending linger that is filled with counteractive bright melodies. The dual nature of the track, misleads with an funk filed hook and Ward’s dreamy and smoky vocals. Paired with Elliot Wolf’s direction, “2 of Us” displays the end of love and the will to want more.

“‘2 of Us’ is a song about regaining confidence and a sense of self after falling into a one sided relationship. It’s a smooth, laid back reflection on selfish love. A girl I was head over heels for inspired the writing, but I think everyone can relate to feeling small within something meant to be nurturing,” explains Ward. The track’s heaviness could have easily been portrayed with an equally somber residue, but the cleverness of Wolf’s visionary gravitates to the little things left unsaid, spoken through the language of dance. Opening in a light indie-pop field, quickly unfolds to a clear representation of pushing and pulling, mirrored in Ward’s and Mani Krishna’s movements. Krishna takes the lead of the drifting partner and stirs distrust, anger, and moldy comfort within her sharp facial expressions. Ringing with a melodic hook, Ward once more removes the rose colored glasses and brings raw lyrics to the center stage: “Well, I tried to be selfless / but you’re so selfish.”



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